One of the goals of the foundation is to provide educational and training assistance to versatile hunting dog owners.  In addition to publishing the Gun Dog Supreme, we sponsor training days at various locations and provide a judges seminar once a year at one of our tests.  We also have demonstration videos on our club’s YouTube channel.

Cesky Fousek  Influence on BWPGCA Bred Dogs

The former Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America is now the Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Club of America.  Why?  Because since the late 1980s, the club has been using the Cesky Fousek (English name, Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon) to improve the genetic diversity, temperament and hunting qualities of our dogs.  Given the high proportion of  Cesky Fousek in our litters, the club Board of Directors moved to change the club name and more importantly, to change our breeding practices and breed dogs that will be internationally recognized as Cesky Fouseks (Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffons).  We have forged a close working relationship with Klub chovatelů českých fousků, the breed organization  for the Cesky Fousek in the Czech Republic, and we are now importing pups through the club to develop our breeding program.  We have used the Fédération Cynologique Internationale breed standard of the Cesky Fousek as our own breed standard since 1995.  To see the percentage of Cesky Fousek in previous WPGCA litters, download the chart below.

Find the Cesky Fousek Lineage in your Dog

2017 BWPGCA Board Of Directors Meeting  Audio Recordings

 2017 BWPGCA Board of Directors Meeting Pt 1 

2017 Board of Directors Meeting & Judges Seminar


2016 BWPGCA Board Of Directors Meeting  Audio Recordings

 2016 BWPGCA Board of Directors Meeting 

2016 Board of Directors Meeting Education & Research Foundation

2015 WPGCA Board Of Directors Meeting  Audio Recordings

 2015 WPGCA Board of Directors Meeting 

2015 Board of Directors Meeting Education & Research Foundation


2014 WPGCA Board Of Directors Meeting  Audio Recordings

 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Pt 1.

2014 Board of Directors Meeting Pt 2.

2014 Breeding Committee Meeting

2014 Judges Seminar Audio Recordings

2014 Judges Seminar Pt 1

2014 Judges Seminar Pt 2


Radio Interview with Dr. Jaromír Dostál

Recorded radio interview (in English) with Dr. Jaromír Dostál discussing the Cesky Fousek.  (Click link to download. Note: Requires Real Player to play.)

The Gun Dog Supreme

The Gun Dog Supreme is the news bulletin of the Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America Education and Research Foundation.  The GDS is published six times per year, beginning in February on a bimonthly schedule.  WPGCA clubmembers receive current issues as a membership benefit.  Non members may subscribe to the GDS. In order to support the work of the BWPGCA, please consider becoming a member.   Back issues can be provided for partial year members.  GDS issues from recent years may be downloaded here.  Hard copies of older issues may be purchased by contacting the BWPGCA secretary.

The First Gun Dog Supreme:  November 1951

GDS Back Issues 1999-2003

GDS Back Issues 2009 Forward

Are Test Scores Changing Over Time?

An article in the June 2015 issue of The Gun Dog Supreme by Jennifer Lachowiec, PhD examines WPGCA test scores over several decades.  Only a few data charts could be included in the article.  You can view and download all of the data plots here:

BWPGCA Test Scores Over Time

Recommended Books

Griffon: Gun Dog Supreme  by Joan Bailey
The History and the Story of How to Improve a Breed

This volume  provides a detailed history of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed and the efforts of the WPGCA to restore the breed to prominence as a versatile hunter and ideal family dog.

Pointing Dogs
Volume One: The Continentals by Craig Koshyk

This is a remarkable collection of summary information on all continental pointing dogs from the popular to the obscure. Fascinating history as well as performance and behavior assessment.  Stunning photography. Available here:

Raising Puppies: Articles by Ed Bailey

The following articles appeared in Gun Dog Magazine and are graciously offered for reprint here by the author Ed Bailey.  Please contact Gun Dog Magazine for specific citation details.