Dog with veterinarian
Veterinarian preparing blood test

The E&R Foundation supports the systematic collection of health data on the Cesky Fousek, both as a tool for breeding quality dogs and for providing data for research on canine health issues.  By completing the health surveys on each of your Cesky Fouseks, you are contributing to the effort to assure that the Cesky Fousek remains a viable, healthy and emotionally sound breed for the future.

 Baseline Canine Health Survey 

This survey is intended for Cesky Fouseks imported for the BWPGCA and dogs bred through the BWPGCA breeding program. The baseline-survey targets dogs in the 16-24 month age range. Obtaining data on every dog in our program is vital, not just on those selected for breeding.  Health conditions included in the survey are those which have been shown to have a genetic link or that are suspected of including genetic factors. Data that you supply will be added to the BWPGCA health data base for use by the BWPGCA Breeding Committee.  Data will only be publicly reported in summary form in BWPGCA publications.

Please use this form to provide health data on your  dog (living or deceased).  If you have more than one dog, please complete a separate survey for each dog.

Access the canine health survey here.