About Us

Judge starting dog on trackThe WPGCA E&RF was incorporated on October 24th, 1997 to continue with the research, education, and publication activities formerly conducted by the WPGCA. In July of 2015 the name was changed to the Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America Education & Research Foundation (BWPGCA E&RF) to better reflect the dogs that were being bred.

We are a non profit organization whose purpose is the:

  1. Preservation and Improvement of the natural, versatile hunting dog qualities of the Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (aka Cesky Fousek through a program of progeny testing coupled with training and education of judges, apprentice judges, dog owners, and members of the public interested in gun dogs, generally, and in the breed, in particular.
  2. Maintenance, publication, and dissemination of existing and future information on the Cesky Fousek breed as concerns breed ancestry, field test performance, temperament, cooperation, conformation and OFA certification for hip dysplasia (herein “breeding data”) for use in making and evaluating breeding decisions based upon scientific genetic principles.
  3. Maintenance and refinement of a progeny testing program for the purpose of acquiring new breeding data for use in evaluating past breeding decisions and guiding future breeding decisions.
  4. Training and education of judges, apprentice judges, dog owners and other interested members of the public through a program of “judges Seminars”, tapes and written materials centered around genetics and evaluation of genetic traits through progeny testing.
  5. Publication and dissemination through a periodic news bulletin, “The Gun Dog Supreme”, of information concerning breed ancestry, breeding decisions, progeny test results, upcoming tests, seminars and other information of value to anyone interested in maintaining and improving the versatile hunting dog qualities of the Cesky Fousek breed.
  6. Publication and dissemination to the public in national outdoor and gun dog magazines of information regarding or resulting from the controlled breeding and progeny testing programs for the education of, and use by, enthusiasts of all hunting dog breeds.

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