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Health & Genetics

Canine breeding with small populations such as the Cesky Fousek must be guided by genetic science and requires careful health monitoring of the population.  When a dog is evaluated at one of our tests, we also assess coat, conformation, including

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Progeny Testing

At the heart of our mission is our progeny testing program. This program is based on hunting dog tests that were first developed in Germany over 100 years ago. The tests are set up to reproduce real hunting situations so

Training day group


One of the goals of the foundation is to provide educational and training assistance to versatile hunting dog owners.  In addition to publishing the Gun Dog Supreme, we sponsor training days at various locations and provide a judges seminar once a

Canine Health Survey for 2-3 Year Olds

The E&R Foundation supports the systematic collection of health data on the Cesky Fousek, both as a tool for breeding quality dogs and for providing data for research on canine health issues.  By completing the health surveys on each of

Cesky Fousek Database